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Character Revelations and the Lack of Suspense

A couple weeks ago, filmmaker Joss Whedon, director of Marvel's The Avengers, revealed that two major comic book characters, Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver (admittedly two characters I know nothing about), will be added to the franchise sequel in 2015. He did so nonchalantly that many were taken aback by the news.

Revealing characters in a film before its release is nothing out of the ordinary, but certain directors have taken it upon themselves to keep the true identity of some characters, often a villain, a secret no matter what. Now to their credit, the reveal of this "true identity" is a plot point in their film. For most of the story, the protagonist thinks this person is someone else. From a writer's standpoint, you are attempting to put the audience in hero's shoes so that when they find out who this person is, you are supposed to be just as shocked as they are. But in the age of Internet fandom, the result is often anticlimactic as the twist is already pres…

Steven Soderbergh, Danny Boyle, and The State of Cinema

I find it appropriate as my first post to share Steven Soderbergh's speech from this year's San Francisco International Film Festival on the State of Cinema. Though I don't fully agree with everything Soderbergh has to say, he brings up some very interesting points to consider.

The thesis of Soderbergh's speech centers on the distinction between "movies" and "cinema," stating that,  The simplest way that I can describe it is that a movie is something you see, and cinema is something that’s made…. Cinema is a specificity of vision. It’s an approach in which everything matters. It’s the polar opposite of generic or arbitrary and the result is as unique as a signature or a fingerprint. It isn’t made by a committee, and it isn’t made by a company, and it isn’t made by the audience. It means that if this filmmaker didn’t do it, it either wouldn’t exist at all, or it wouldn’t exist in anything like this form. But Soderbergh isn't the only filmmaker co…