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It's The Emmy's Arrested Development

I'm going to try and keep this post brief because if I rant too much about the inaccurate buffoonery of award shows I won't only get anything else done today, but I might also pop a blood vessel.

Yesterday, the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences announced the 2013 Emmy nominations, only three of which were given to the new season of the Netflix quasi-original Arrested Development. Though the three nominations, including Jason Bateman for Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Single-Camera Picture Editing for a Comedy Series, and Music Composition for a Series, were all very well deserved (particularly editing), I remain flabbergasted by the fact that that's it.

Jason Bateman is fantastic as always, but he was somewhat of a surprise when I first read his name. They picked the straight-man in one of the best ensemble casts ever put on television? Really? No love for Jessica Walter? Will Arnett? Michael Cera's brilliant awkwardness?

And don't get me started on guest sta…