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Screw It, I'm on Team Affleck

Now that the dust has settled over last month's big casting news that Ben Affleck, director and star of last year's best picture Argo, has been cast as the infamous caped crusader in Zack Snyder's Man of Steel followup, I feel inclined to share my own thoughts on said casting as they have evolved since the announcement. My initial reaction to the casting was, like that of many on Twitter, that of utter confusion. As I summarized on Facebook, my response went something like this:
1. Wait, seriously?
2. Really?
3. They saw Daredevil, right?
4. Wait, who am I kidding, nobody saw Daredevil, but they know Daredevil exists, right?
5. Ironically, he was a pretty great George Reeves.
6. Isn't he too famous? I mean, all previous Batmen have been famous, but none at Affleck's level. Even Clooney was just starting to take off when he took the role.
7. I'd kind of rather have Ben Affleck direct the movie and have Zack Snyder play Batman.
8. Huh, I wonder if this means that…