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Four Kinds of Shuffle We Need on Netflix RIGHT NOW

Netflix is one of the best things ever. I can't imagine how we ever lived without it. But there are a few things about it that still really piss me off. Firstly, the inability to organize your Netflix List. I have over a hundred things in my list. Why can't I personalize that list into folders like "Movies I've Seen but Want to See Again" or "Just TV Shows" or "Classics I Need to See?" It's really annoying.

The other really annoying lack-of feature is the inability to shuffle. People claim to love the total freedom of choosing what media they consume, but they're liars. We like a certainamount of choice. It's part of the reason I still enjoy Pandora and my cable subscription. Two minutes ago, I had no idea that I wanted to watch Ghostbusters II, but now I do. Why? Because it's on freaking TV. I therefore propose the four following Netflix Shuffle options.

1. Series Shuffle

Just a simple shuffle of an entire TV show. I love Parks…

Don't Blame Photoshop

There's been this video floating around this week posted by the "President of the World" YouTube page and subsequently reposted by sites such as Upworthy, Huffington Post, and even George Takei (leader of the Internet). On their page, "President of the World" is described as "a character created to promote the voice of the People of the World via a global democracy." Considering the popularity of this video, I find the words "character" and "created" to be of particular interest.

The video portrays a model, a naturally attractive one at that, being photographed and then, in postproduction and Photoshop, being manipulated and airbrushed (it may not actually be Photoshop used in the video...the interface doesn't look the same). Her body is stretched, her neck elongated, her skin smoothed out, etc. By the end of the video the woman appears to be an almost entirely different person. Almost doll-like.

Anyway, for some reason, people…