Four Kinds of Shuffle We Need on Netflix RIGHT NOW

Netflix is one of the best things ever. I can't imagine how we ever lived without it. But there are a few things about it that still really piss me off. Firstly, the inability to organize your Netflix List. I have over a hundred things in my list. Why can't I personalize that list into folders like "Movies I've Seen but Want to See Again" or "Just TV Shows" or "Classics I Need to See?" It's really annoying.

The other really annoying lack-of feature is the inability to shuffle. People claim to love the total freedom of choosing what media they consume, but they're liars. We like a certain amount of choice. It's part of the reason I still enjoy Pandora and my cable subscription. Two minutes ago, I had no idea that I wanted to watch Ghostbusters II, but now I do. Why? Because it's on freaking TV. I therefore propose the four following Netflix Shuffle options.
God dammit come on already.

1. Series Shuffle

Just a simple shuffle of an entire TV show. I love Parks and Recreation, but I've already seen every episode. I just need something to watch while I eat lunch and I don't want to scroll through every season to find an episode I haven't seen recently. Even if the shuffle lands on an episode I have seen more recently I likely won't care as much because it was out of my hands.

2. Season Shuffle

American Dad is great, but the first couple of seasons kind of suck. I just want to watch something from season five. Any one is fine.

3. My List Shuffle

Alright, it's Friday night. Time to watch a movie. Hrmm, I could really go for any genre. I've been meaning to see Jackie Brown for a while now. Ehh, it's kind of long. Maybe I should go for something more recent. So many damn choices, I can't decide. Oh shit, it's already midnight. Every. Damn. Time.

4. Suicide Shuffle

Alright, we're drunk and we're having fun. Let's go for it. Lets shuffle through the ENTIRE NETFLIX LIBRARY and whatever it lands on we HAVE TO WATCH. Ready? Anything could happen. We could end up with something awesome like In Bruges or have to suffer through eighty-six minutes of The Lorax. Maybe we'll get a classic that we've never even heard of or a new favorite we can share with a friend. Either way, we're gonna have a fun night and expand our horizons.

So get to it Netflix. You've already given us options. Now choose what we should watch next.


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