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Why The How I Met Your Mother Series Finale Was Actually Pretty Great

Firstly, I'll be upfront and say that I enjoyed the finale, despite the show doing what pretty much all of us, myself included, were worried that Carter Bays and Craig Thomas would do. I for one thought that they just did it so well that you can't deny its charm and feel ultimately satisfied. Not to say the finale, like the show as a whole, was without its flaws. To put it another way, my continued thought during the episode was, like that of Ted and his beloved red cowboy boots: "Pulling. It. Off." Many are already comparing the finale to that of LOST (which I loved), in a negative way (don't even get me started...if you still think that the finale means they were "dead the whole time" then you're a bigger idiot than I can describe and simply don't understand what factually happened on the show).

Rather than perform a full analysis of the HIMYM finale, I've decided to address certain specific moments or aspects of the finale that need some …