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Agents of SHIELD Is Not Only The Most Fun Show On TV, It May Also Be The Best

Saying that something is "the best" at something is the ultimate exercise in futility. It's impossible to compare things things that are so completely different. This is explains how a dumb moviecan win best picture and how a brilliant television show can get cancelled. The argument can be made, however, that Marvel's Agents of SHIELD has become the best show on television.

Now don't get me wrong, the show is far from brilliant. Like the Marvel movies themselves, the television show doesn't exactly require a lot of brain power (though you are highly rewarded if you do apply a certain amount of concentration). The show had a rocky start with issues of plot and character development that came off as trite and cliche. Those familiar with the show's team-building, bad guy-fighting formula thanks to previous Joss Whedon television such as Buffy The Vampire Slayer, however, knew that it would be worth it. But even at it's most mundane moments in the first h…