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Comparing Different Mediums: "Not the Movies, but Real Theater" Response

This post is in response to an article that came out today in The New York Times by Neil Genzlinger. The article, titled "Not the Movies, but Real Theater," primarily covers Sunday's Tony awards, which I admittedly did not watch. Genzlinger opens with a sentiment about how many Americans simply don't care enough about the theatre. A good enough sentiment to be had if it weren't for his continued criticism of cinema to make his argument.

Early on in the article, he states:
But every so often — not often enough, frankly — the broadcast offered a subtext that was actually the opposite of, “Hey, we’re just like the movies.” From Mr. Jackman’s quad-straining opening number (weirdly, a homage to a scene from a film) viewers who were paying close enough attention could occasionally not help but acknowledge that live performance is hard work in a way that — sorry, Hollywood — movies aren’t.Genzlinger doubles down on his condescending tone with:
Yeah, yeah, making a movie ca…