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Why We Really Need More Black, Female, and LGBT Superhero Movies

There have been many articles written about the need for for a female-led or African American-led superhero film and it finally seems that it's going to happen, whether it be DC's Wonder Woman or Marvel's Black Widow or Black Panther (no word of an LGBT superhero movie in the works). When we talk about the need for these films in mainstream popular culture we talk about it mostly in grandiose terms that boil down to "it's time" or that "girls or kids of different races deserve their own superhero to look up to," etc. Looking at the need for these films as a cultural necessity is all well and good, we often neglect to look at the fact that these ideas simply present great storytelling opportunities.

The opportunity of an African American superhero, for example, is huge. Being African American in this country is different from that of being a white heterosexual American male, a type who makes up pretty much every other superhero movie these days. This…