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How Being Like Buffy Can Turn Grimm From A Good Show Into A Great Show

Let's be clear: Grimm is a totally guilty pleasure show. It's the kind of show you watch on demand when you're eating dinner or checking your email. Despite not being on many people's radar, the show has found itself content Friday's at 8PM on NBC, a time slot normally reserved for on-the-bubble scifi shows. Season four premieres this week.

Grimm is a fun show but it's not a great show. Like Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Grimm's appeal is that it inherits the talents from the best science fiction television show of all time: Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Co-creator David Greenwalt's influence from his work on Buffy and Angel is obvious. The central premise of the show is the same: special person with powers fights monsters that nobody else really knows about but are freaking everywhere. Both shows started with a freak-of -the-week premise that slowly evolved into more complex storylines focusing on the ensemble rather than the boring white protagonist. And …