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The Oscar Race Problem

I've seen a lot of people post or comment about this and wanna make some clarifications. When people say the Academy "has an issue with race" they are not saying "the Oscars are racist." Saying that the Oscars are racist makes you sound stupid. Conversely, saying that there isn't an issue, particularly because 12 Years a Slave won best picture last year (cough, cough, Fox News, cough), makes you sound like even more of an idiot. What people are saying (or should be saying) is that the Hollywood system has a huge problem financing and selling films led by black, minority, and female filmmakers/actors.

I won't speak to the quality of Selma (I haven't seen it) or say that it deserves directing and acting nominations over the other nominees, though I will say that its lack of recognition and the lack of recognition of ANY minority actors in the four main categories is something to be concerned about. As a movie that deals with racial issues without the u…