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The Oscars and Why I'm Still Thinking About Boyhood

Forward I realize that this post should have gone up about a month ago. I've been busy. Forgive me. The fact that I am just now posting this may also signify the depth of my frustration with this year's ceremony. I shall keep it brief.
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I loved Birdman. I think that any other year it wouId have been a great choice for winning Best Picture at this year's Academy Awards. It is an innovative, brilliantly crafted film with a commanding lead performance. Unfortunately, this year, it was the second most brilliant, innovative, and transformative movie of the year.

I certainly saw it coming but was still disappointed, particularly in that Birdman took both directing and picture. A split, either way, would have irked me far less. Linklater is one of my favorite contemporary directors who takes risks in his storytelling and continues to push the medium forward. He deserved some form of recognition at this ceremony. I was very annoyed that Keaton lost...his performance being …