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Chicago is NOT a Steppingstone City for Filmmakers

I've lived in Chicago for about a year and a half now. I decided to move here after graduating with a B.A. and M.A. in Media Arts and Technology from Michigan State University, two degrees which I consider mostly decorative in my chosen field.* When I made the decision to move here, there was no specific reason to do so, but several small ones: It was an easy move, I didn't need a car, I was close to family, etc. Furthermore, I always loved this city. I have fond memories from my childhood visiting my grandparents in Elmhurst or going on a class field trip to a Cubs game at Wrigley with my father (the school made up some rationalization about batting averages teaching statistics or what not...needless to say I didn't learn much about statistics and still don't know much about batting averages, but I did learn about the wonders of Chicago food, another motivation to move here). 

Perhaps the biggest reason for the move, and what I've told many people, is that I simply…

New Parallels That Emerge After That Controversial Game of Thrones Scene

A lot has already been said about depictions of rape on screen and all the problematic things that ensue as a result of using rape as quick fix to make the viewer sympathize with/despise a character. It's usually just lazy writing. In the case of Game of Thrones, exploitation and mediocre writing aren't exactly uncommon. This is a highly addictive and frustrating show to watch. On one hand: Action! Dragons! Zombies! Peter Dinklage! On the other hand: Boring walks through gardens? Rape? Endless numbers of characters/places? All the other actors that aren't Peter Dinklage?

Though I do still enjoy watching the show, I won't defend it on artistic merit either as a whole or concerning it's questionable (at the very least) depictions of women and violence. I will, however, look at the latest controversial scene that has many people up in arms. I am not "defending" this scene, but want to look at the potential that such a simple scene does and could add to the n…