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On Criticism and Industry Peer Review

Not too long ago, director Joss Whedon tweeted about a clip from Jurassic World film, particularly responding to a post from the feminist website The Mary Sue, describing the clip as "70's era sexist" and summarizing the clip as "She's a stiff, he's a life force - really? Still?" Whedon since walked back his comments describing the comment as "bad form."

Now this post isn't about feminism, Whedon, Whedon's role as a feminist icon, gender roles in pop culture, or even the stupidity of Twitter conversations. This post is about criticism and film thought. When I first saw Whedon's tweet, I thought it was kind of badass. I didn't read it as a commentary on The Mary Sue but a mere reading of the clip. Sure, it was in somewhat bad form. And you can't (or shouldn't) judge an entire film based solely on one clip. You should also never judge a film merely by what its characters say. His comment, however, was an accurate reading …